22Oct 2013
Top Tips for Keeping an Apartment Clean

How to Keep Your Apartment Clean and Tidy

You may have a lovely apartment in the city that suits you just right. Beautiful views over the rest of the town, and great nightlife and culture just around the corner, but when it comes to boring things like keeping your home clean, we can often neglect our duties and leave the place to get dusty and feeling a little bit messy. This is not a great way to live as you will forever be doing big cleans to get rid of all the dirtiness, and then feeling like it was a big job, leave it for another few weeks before getting round to it all over again. We’re going to have a look at how you can easily maintain a great feeling of clean freshness in your flat, without it feeling like too much of a chore.

First off; look at your materials. Do you feel like you are always going out for another packet of cloths, or more paper towels? This is uneconomical as well as being extremely bad for the environment by way of carbon footprint and deforestation issues. You will need to find a way to sustain your cleaning in an economic way, with an eye to the future of the planet as well. Cutting up old clothes and towels in to rags will give you a great alternative to cloths, as you can wash them and reuse them. These materials will be a lot tougher on dirt and grease than regular cloths and paper towels, so it is a win-win situation.

Are the items that you use to clean suitable for your home? We all have a cracked dustpan that we never get round to replacing, so ensure that your things are of high quality and repair, so that your cleaning is not a battle against them, but more a harmonious process with them. You should have a vacuum cleaner that suits your home, whether it is nimble in a small place, powerful in a large one, or light in a place with lots of stairs, you should invest in a cleaner that can get your job done without too much hassle. Knowing that all of your tools are in place and working well means that your cleaning jobs will not feel like hard work, as essential all you are doing is wiping over different things with different items and products, whether a hoover over the carpet or flannel over a dish, it’s all the same. Should you keep up on the cleaning, then there should not be enough build-up to make these things difficult.

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen regularly is paramount to this process, as these are places where dirt, grease, soap scum and limescale all build-up to difficult proportions, and you may well find that leaving it any amount of time will mean that the next clean becomes more and more difficult. You will no doubt have cream cleaners and various other products for these jobs, but as a cheaper alternative, look up some cleaning ‘recipes’ involving baking powder, vinegar and lemon juice. These three can be combined with water and other home found items to make the best cleaning agents around, especially for the kitchen and bathroom. be sure to have a separate rag for the toilet as well, so that you do not risk wiping such germs all over the bathroom afterwards!

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