29Jul 2014
Toxic Free CleaningBest Ways to Reduce the Number Of Toxic Chemicals You Use When Cleaning When you are thinking about the way in which you clean, you may well be thinking that it is all about killing germs, as that is what keeps your family safe from illness, disease and other disgusting things right? Well, sort of. Killing germs is good in some cases, and it does indeed prevent the spread of diseases, but the chemicals used in many germ-killing antibacterials are sometimes much worse for you than the germs in your home tend to be. The notion of killing all germs in the home is a little bit ludicrous in all honesty, as human beings come in to contact with germs every minute of every day. In fact, there are supposedly more germs under your fingernail than under a toilet seat at any one time. With this in mind, the idea of killing germs is not quite as much of a big deal, though it does make a lot of sense in the kitchen, where food is involved. Avoiding using harmful or toxic chemicals, however, is certainly something worth thinking about. Are there any ways in which you could be reducing the number of toxic chemicals that you use in your cleaning process? Have a look below to see...For those who want to still keep their kitchen safe from the germs that come with cooking meat and fish, you are in luck. You don’t have to use bleaches and other nasty chemicals to get rid of these dangerous germs. In fact, there is a lot to be said for just using washing up liquid for everything. As long as you are able to rinse it off, you will find that it forms an excellent surface cleaner. It is what you use on a chopping board, so why not use it everywhere else? Use a lightly damp sponge to run over everything, just as you would your plates, and see how the place gleams, despite the lack of harsh chemicals in use. You will find that you can also use acidic agents, like lemon or vinegar in your cleaning processes, to kill germs without the harshness of bleaches and other chemicals. If you are thinking that this sounds like a good idea, then you should have a think about taking some lemon juice and mixing it with an equal part of the water in a spray bottle. Simply use this as your household spray cleaner form now on. You will find that it leaves a very nice scent after you have cleaned with it! Much better to use real lemon, than to have to deal with the stink of synthetic lemon that is used in covering up the smells of harsh chemicals in other cleaning products. Vinegar is similarly good for the job, and you will find that it makes a lot of sense to use this if you want a slightly stronger germ-killing agent. It is also great for degreasing and getting rid of strong smells. Instead of using environmentally harmful compressed air canisters for getting rid of smells, try using salt, vinegar or baking soda in the room. Rather than poisoning yourself and your family with these sprays, you should have a god with a natural alternative. Simply leave a bowl of one of the above out in the room overnight, and you should find that the smell has at least been lessened over that time. Be sure to remove or refill the bowl after night, as otherwise it may get knocked over and go everywhere!

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