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carpet cleaning DA8Eva Cleaners is a professional and experienced DA8 cleaning company who offer flexible and reliable cleaning services of all types and sizes. Are you looking for a trustworthy cleaning team to undertake the cleaning of your office floor, apartment, house, furnishings, upholsteries, ovens, room, office or any other item or area then we are the only company to choose. Our cleans are made to suit you and can be carried out as often as you like. Why waste any more time when instead you could live and work in a cleaner environment by simply calling us today on 020 3409 1608.

Erith, Northumberland Heath and Slade Green are all areas of the London Borough of Bexley. Erith is district which is located on the River Thames in the South East of London is well known for its grazing marshes. Since 1961, the town centre of Erith has undergone a lot of renovation work and improvements to make the area more modern. The area is generally less developed than other parts of London, as there are not as many shops, commercial properties, apartments or buildings in this part of the city. The district of Erith has also been the home to many famous faces and talented people over the years. Some of the more well known faces to have came from or who have had connections with Erith are Sir William Anderson, Mike Jupp and Phillip Absolon Stuckist.

Northumberland Heath is located in the South East of London and is a neighbourhood and electoral word which is situated in the London Borough of Bexley. Northumberland Heath is often considered to be part of Upper Erith. There was once a workhouse that was situated here in the area, which led to it becoming known and referred to as Spike Island many years ago. Although there are some shops, commercial properties and other amenities in the area, Northumberland Heath is made up mostly of residential properties.
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Slade Green is located very close to the edge of London city and lies in the south east of England`s capital city. The district is about 23km south east of Charing Cross. Slade Green was originally marsh land up until the 1960`s. The marsh land was used previously in the Second World War for anti-aircraft batteries. During the Second World War, Slade Green experienced a number of air raids and was also served by a British restaurant which was ran by St. Augustine`s Church Hall and provided lunches to the local school children and factories.

Hiring Eva Cleaners isn`t as difficult or expensive as you may think. We offer very affordable and flexible services, which are made especially to suit each of our clients no matter what their situation is. Solving your DA8 cleaning issues can all be sorted in one phone call and doesn`t take too long at all. Call us today on 020 3409 1608 and have enviably clan furnishings, homes and working areas which will stay clean for longer. You can hire us to clean your property whenever you want, as the choice and final decision is completely yours. But who wouldn't want to have some time for his own? May be you could re-discover the borough, check the historical building and the state-of-the art leisure centres, indulge yourself into Bexley. Visit the London Borough Council of Bexley website here to draw a map on your local adventure.

Postcode DA8 nearby postcodes DA1, DA7, DA17
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