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Amazing Carpet Cleaning London

London-based Cleaning Company At Eva Cleaners, everything we do is designed to serve your cleaning needs with speed, convenience and quality. Our no-hassle online bookings eliminate fuss and worry, allowing you to make a booking with ease… 24 hours a day… 7 days a week. 

We are a London-based company offering a complete menu of services: Domestic cleaning, End-of-tenancy cleaning, Carpet and Rug cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Large or small-scale office cleaning
Advantages to Using Our Services Our Advantages

We’ll take care of every room in the house, or just one… part of an office or even just the furniture and carpets! Our cleaning technicians cover everything from windows to washrooms, lighting to lounges, carpets to conservatories and baths to bedrooms. 
Contract Cleaning Services There's nothing we can't clean!

To ensure that we meet your cleaning needs, we offer contract cleaning or one-off services… for a Spring clean or when you’re moving house. All our technicians are trustworthy, professional and fully trained. You’ll see our experience in the results!
One-off Cleaning Services Cleaning

At Eva Cleaners, we strive for perfection and have the satisfied clients to prove it. Our pride comes from how good your home or office will look when we are through. You can rest assured that we use the most powerful and professional machines available, operated by expert cleaning technicians. 
And there’s no long wait before you can settle back in to your newly cleaned home or office. You’ll be back in the comfort of your own place in no time, but with the serenity of knowing everything has been tended to with the utmost care.
The Eva Cleaners way

We think that having a perfectly cleaned home or office should
not be a privilege or lux, but affordable for all people.

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Eva Cleaners is already the contractor of choice for many business owners and rofessionals, and is one of London’s most highly respected privately owned cleaning services. London’s homes, flats, offices buildings, restaurants, retail stores, nightclubs, health clubs and warehouses – you name it, we clean it! 

Call Today For Big Discounts For Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London!

Looking for a great carpet cleaning service to bring your flooring back to life? Look no further!! Eva Cleaners is the one-stop carpet cleaning shop covering the whole of London, delivering 100% customer satisfaction at great prices! If your carpets are looking a little dull and lifeless, see how our professional teams of locally-based London carpet cleaners can transform them. We clean the parts other services miss! Don’t leave your carpet cleaning to regular vacuuming. Get a thorough job done today by calling our professionals now! Just call 020 3409 1608 now and we’ll guarantee you a great discount on our incredible cleaning service!

You Need our Cleaning Service

London Carpet Cleaning
Perhaps you already have cleaners or regularly maintain your carpets with vacuuming. You are not getting the whole job done effectively! Sure, you’ll be removing any surface dust or dirt but what about the ingrained dirt particles trodden in through regular use. Be as sure as you can that your flooring is 100% spotless with our best value carpet cleaning services in London! Our experienced and skilled cleaners have been operating throughout London for many years, delivering 100% value for money and super customer service. You can just sit back and relax while our carpet cleaners work their magic using our completely eco-friendly steam cleaning method. Call Eva Cleaners on 020 3409 1608 now for an unbelievable price and we’ll even give you a discount!!!

You Simply Won’t believe it’s the Same Carpet!!

Our professional cleaning services bring the colours in your rugs and carpets back to full vibrancy. It feels as though you’ve just bought new again with the amazing transformation our professional carpet clean brings to your floors. At Eva Cleaners we don’t just skim the surface, we go deep into the thread of even the most delicate textiles and clean everything strand-by-strand! Not only will the colours be lifted after our clean, you will feel as though you’re walking on air! We also offer a fantastic office carpet cleaning service that ensures minimum disruption to your working day in London. Our dry carpet cleaning means you don’t have to wait hours for your carpets to dry. You won’t be left with any chemical residue with our guaranteed green cleaning service! Call without delay to restore the life in your flooring!
London Before After Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpets are Good for Your Health!

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you will know how easily your condition can be aggravated by house dust. It’s very difficult to remove all dust traces from your London property but with our environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning technique, we can at least deal with your flooring effectively! You will no longer kick dust particles around your rooms each time you walk across them. Our chemical-free and non-hazardous cleaning products won’t leave any irritating residues or cause any harmful vapours. You won’t only see a massive improvement in the quality of your carpets by you will instantly feel the benefits of cleaner air! Our carpet cleaners take away the tiniest particles that aren’t even visible. Don’t skimp on cleaning carpets to the detriment of your health! Let us do a 100% guaranteed job on your carpets and rugs with our professional cleaning today!
London Dust Carpet Cleaning London Mold Carpet Cleaning

Look No Further for the Best Company Around!

If you have just redecorated or renovated your home in London, your carpets may be looking a little sad amid all the newly painted walls. Rather than spending more money getting new carpets and rugs, which can be expensive, why not try our professional London carpet cleaning services! With heavily discounted carpet cleaning prices you can’t possibly go wrong. You won’t believe they are the same carpets at all! The colours and patterns will be returned to the condition that attracted you to buy them! Save yourself a heap of time, money and energy and get the professionals in! Call 020 3409 1608 NOW for the best possible deals in London!

Want to See for Yourself? Hire Our Carpet Cleaning Company Today!

As a professional cleaning company, we’ve built a great reputation over the years for delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We know we do a great job because our customers constantly tell us so. Most importantly, they come back to us regularly when they want to ensure their carpet is as clean as it possibly can be. Whether you just have a small rug or a houseful of flooring you want us to deal with, we GUARANTEE you the best price available. Not only that, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products so our carbon footprint is minimised which means you are contributing to the battle against climate control too! Our professional cleaning services are not just good for the environment; they improve the air quality in your home. Don’t just hoover every week and think you’ve got it covered. Take a look at what we can do and hire our cleaning company today! We guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results or your money back!

Do You Want the Cleanest Carpets in London?

London Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning
Not only do we deliver the cleanest carpets you’ll get, we do it at the BEST PRICES! Our carpet cleaners have years of experience in London and use the very latest technology in our carpet cleaning machinery. You can have complete peace of mind that your carpets are no longer harbouring thousands of tiny dirty particles that can potentially harm your health. You’ll also see a difference in the condition and colour of your carpet that is guaranteed to blow you away! Don’t waste any more time looking at your tired flooring. Let Eva Cleaners bring them back to life! Call 020 3409 1608 now and we’ll give you a great discount on a truly UNBEATABLE cleaning service!

Our Testimonials
Steve H 2023/07/23
I want to thank Eva Cleaners, and more specifically, the top team of cleaners they put on my job. What they achieved for me during the two-hour service was just fantastic. I can't rate them highly enough and will certainly look to hire them again when in need.
Mona H. 2023/07/12
Hiring proved to be a great decision. Their cleaners did some fantastic work for me. I put a lot on their plate, so was worried they wouldn't be able to manage it during the time I'd hired them for. They assured me they would and came through for me.
Joss H. 2023/06/03
I booked their cleaners sent a brilliant two-man team to work on my job. I left them to it and they just cracked on and didn't put a foot wrong during the two hours.
Cody A. 2023/05/02
The cleaners from Eva Cleaners were just terrific. They did a lot of work for me. I was happy to let them crack on and they thoroughly impressed me. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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