I've had the pleasure of having the cleaner come to my new house twice now for carpet cleaning. Despite having two playful pups that often make a mess, she always impresses me with her exceptional work and leaves my floors looking beautiful.

  • Matthew Hutchins
  • 18Dec 2023

The cleaning team were polite and capable; they did an extraordinary job in general.

  • John I.
  • 27Nov 2023

I'm very impressed with Eva Cleaners's prompt responses for cleaning, excellent service and magnificent cleaners.

  • Jonas
  • 13Nov 2023

Remarkable performance on restoring the living quarters and stairwells to their former glory - no spot left behind, giving my carpet a renewed shine of life!

  • Bernard
  • 03Nov 2023

Our initial clean with this service was a great experience - very detailed and highly efficient.

  • June L.
  • 18Oct 2023

An outstanding experience; polite and knowledgeable service and the cleanliness was top notch.

  • Paul Toothill
  • 02Aug 2023

An impressive company on every level - simply superb!

  • Joanne Lowes
  • 19Jul 2023

Receiving professional yet low cost services all round is what you get with Eva Cleaners, leaving no room for complaints or regrets whatsoever - especially when it comes to visiting in the mornings since reliability remains intact despite any unforeseen circumstances or delays. Plus, trustworthy security removes anxiety concerning expensive items at home during this period!

  • Eddie P.
  • 06Jul 2023

We have relied on Eva Cleaners for our cleaning needs for the past 10 years and we have never had any complaints about their professional, efficient service. The cleans are always done to a high quality!

  • Georgia
  • 21Jun 2023

I have been availing the services of this cleaning company for my home over the past 6 months and must say they have lived up to my expectations. They are punctual, professional and keep me updated with any schedule changes. Instructions of exact requirements are not required often as they understand it well initially which is great. Moreover, their staff is helpful, courteous and friendly. I have recommended their service to many of my relatives and acquaintances and all were happy with it.

  • Adrian
  • 05Jun 2023

Requested a deep clean and was delighted with the service. Cleaners were friendly, provided high quality work and were flexible. Great communication via email and they even called to say they'd be 10 min late - such an attention to detail! Carpets were steam cleaned fantastically and marks that werent removed by other companies gone. Planning to sign up for a regular cleaner now - definitely recommend for all cleaning needs!

  • Fidel Heston
  • 22May 2023

I've taken advantage of their professional cleaning services multiple times and Eva Cleaners has always been able to provide me with workers whenever needed. They've continuously delivered outstanding results on my property, surpassing my expectations.

  • Gerry L.
  • 11May 2023

The cleaners from Eva Cleaners proved to be reliable and trustworthy. They worked their socks off for me to get everything I needed done and taken care of during the time I'd hired them for.

  • K. Williams
  • 25Apr 2023

Wonderful effort of tidying up the used spare room. Home is now available for visitors, all thanks to their adept cleaners. Gratitude goes out to Eva Cleaners!

  • C. Michaels
  • 06Apr 2023

I couldn't have asked for better service than what Eva Cleaners offered - same day appointment capability included! And after the job was completed it was clear that no mess had been left behind, having been done in such a quick manner as well.

  • L. Fusco
  • 20Feb 2023

Recently I had my first clean from Eva Cleaners and was exceedingly pleased with their work! The cleaners were terrific and did a wonderful job! Definitely a return customer for sure.

  • Alicia Smith
  • 06Feb 2023

We've enlisted the help of Eva Cleaners in excess of 5 months ago, during which time we have enjoyed their reliable cleaners who have consistently done an amazing job on our flat. Really pleased with their level of services - would definitely vouch for it!

  • R. Edwards
  • 24Jan 2023

I was desperate to get professional deep cleaning company and the team gave me everything I was hoping for and surpassed my expectations.

  • Jordan
  • 13Aug 2019

I laugh when my friends complain about house cleaning. They think I'm a neat freak, but my secret is professional cleaning company. They give me a low cost cleaning service that includes carpet cleaning as well. Highly recommended!

  • Edmund Farmer
  • 03Jul 2019

My Dad is all alone now Mum's gone. He doesn't think much of house cleaning, so I asked this company to help him. They do his carpet cleaning in addition to cleaning the house, at an affordable cost, and they keep him laughing while they're there. Bless them!

  • Ian Emerson
  • 03Jul 2019

Can't fault the work of Eva Cleaners. They have done all kinds of home cleaning for us, from rugs to upholstery and they always do a fantastic job.

  • Bob Seymour
  • 10Jun 2019

The cleaners at Eva Cleaners are friendly, polite, helpful and really, really good at what they do. They don't leave a spec of dust when they come, it's amazing.

  • Louis Misner
  • 17May 2019

The cleaners focussed on the problem areas with tremendous results. Eva Cleaners impressed massively.

  • G. Ham
  • 18Apr 2019

Eva Cleaners had no problems carrying out last minute home cleaning tasks. They were just brilliant in every which way.

  • Alan S.
  • 13Mar 2019

The carpet cleaners from Eva Cleaners rejuvenated the state of my carpet, did a really professional job and were in and out in no time. A top service from top professionals!

  • Brad F.
  • 08Feb 2019

Eva Cleaners were professional and their cleaners were hard-working, knowledgeable, polite and courteous too. Their team really did possess the entire package and it made for a great experience with this company.

  • Emma J.
  • 16Jan 2019

Great prices and a reliable service, can't ask much more from cleaners really and Eva Cleaners deliver every time.

  • Owen Hale
  • 28Nov 2018

I received a first-class house cleaning job from Eva Cleaners. They paid attention to detail and the end result was a property that was immaculate.

  • G. Bates
  • 09Oct 2018

With end of tenancy cleanings one never knows the condition of the flat when the tenant leaves. However, with a dependable, cost effective company such as Eva Cleaners they are more than able to adequately handle any task that may arise. I am grateful to their cleaning crews for handling the current situation at the flats this past weekend. I am tremendously content with their service, and intend on utilising them again in future.

  • Terrence M. Woolsworth
  • 11Sep 2018

I wish to take this time to show my gratitude to Eva Cleaners for the great cleaning service provided to me and my flat mates. I'm a bloke that does not take much to the mop and broom lifestyle, so I was in need of a good cleaning as a way to impress the ladies. Great work. Will recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the same fix.

  • Harrison S. Brackenwood
  • 17Aug 2018

For me, housework is not only mundane, but simply not my strong point. I would rather spend my time doing other things of interest to me. I currently use Eva Cleaners fortnightly house cleanings. The rates are affordable and the workers are trustworthy, as they are qualified and DBS vetted. Always meticulous in the final once over. Will continue to use. Best domestic cleaning service.

  • Dorelee Yancy
  • 02Aug 2018

Knowing that I would be moving from my flat and letting it out so someone else, I decided to contact Eva Cleaners based solely on the prices posted on their website. Indeed, they offer the best value for the money. After their punctual arrival and top notch cleaning, I am simply pleased with the outcome and will recommend this house cleaning service to others.

  • Armistad Hampton
  • 17Jul 2018

I was having an emergency home cleaning situation. Luckily for me Eva Cleaners came to the rescue. I was mightily fortunate to be able to call upon them.

  • Neal M.
  • 11Jun 2018

The home cleaning job was well done. Eva Cleaners and their crew were prompt and very thorough in their approach to cleaning my house.

  • L. Walker
  • 15May 2018

The level and quality of the home cleaning service provided by Eva Cleaners was exceptional.

  • K. Langley
  • 27Apr 2018

I would recommend this cleaning company without hesitation. Eva Cleaners provided me with an outstanding service. I still can't get over what they managed to achieve.

  • S. Parker
  • 04Apr 2018

So many people recommended Eva Cleaners to me that I just had to give them a try. They did some carpet cleaning for me and did such an excellent job I'm getting them to do the whole house.

  • Tina Fray
  • 30Mar 2018

I was mightily impressed with how thorough their cleaners were. Their approach to cleaning was fantastic, and left me feeling so glad that I'd called Eva Cleaners.

  • Jillian M.
  • 27Feb 2018

Eva Cleaners were the first cleaning company I've used but I already know I won't be switching anytime soon, I think they are fantastic and can't see how anyone else could beat them.

  • Hilary Swanson
  • 22Jan 2018

Having quite a few pets in our home, not to mention children, we often struggle to stay on top of the chores. But since we hired cleaners from Eva Cleaners we don't have to worry. They come twice a week and do everything we need. They are life savers.

  • Karen Boulder
  • 13Dec 2017

My house was a great mess, and I couldn't imagine handling the cleaning during my only day off. I wanted to spend my time with the kids, as it had been long since we bonded. However, this did not mean that I had to leave my house unattended for another week. That was when I remembered reading an article about the benefits of hiring professional house cleaners. I searched online for a cleaning company near me, and I decided to go with Eva Cleaners. At first, I did not know whether this was the best choice, but I decided to give it a shot. I decided to book an appointment. The booking process was so straightforward, and I got a promise to get ready for these professionals the day that followed. I was not sure if I was spending my money in the right way, not until the cleaners had finished cleaning. They used eco-friendly supplies, which to me was a good choice considering that I did not want any toxic substances exposed to my kids. The kitchen, bedroom, living room, washroom and toilets were all sparkling clean, and that was where I knew that I had spent my money for the right purpose. I highly recommend these cleaners.

  • Violet
  • 04Dec 2017

Their cleaners did some deep cleaning in my property. I've never seen a team in action like Eva Cleaners. They got on with the work at hand, and completed everything to a high standard.

  • Audrey L.
  • 20Nov 2017

Eva Cleaners did a fantastic job. Their cleaners made my kitchen truly sparkle!

  • A. Anderson
  • 05Oct 2017

I've never hired a cleaning company before and Eva Cleaners was the first professional team I've reached out to. I'm glad I did and I'm mad at myself for not reaching out to the professionals earlier, for they did a tremendous job cleaning my home. I shouldn't have been such a skeptic and if I should need them again I'll hire them right away. I highly recommend.

  • Susan Moore
  • 14Sep 2017

I needed my entire hall carpets and upstairs carpets immaculately cleaned. I called Eva Cleaners and they said they could do exactly what I wanted, plus they threw in a special offer on my carpet cleaning which is something that most other companies definitely wouldn't do. Thanks to them, I practically have new carpets and some more money in my pocket.

  • Richard White
  • 14Sep 2017

I found Eva Cleaners through a friend who recently had her home cleaned. She said the service was great and the cleaners really know what they are doing. She wasn't wrong. My home felt like a new home after they were finished with the job.

  • D. Young
  • 05Sep 2017

Eva Cleaners offer a cleaning service with a difference, in a lot of ways. The main one is the price. Their services are cheap and worth - probably worth more in fact - every penny.

  • Alan S.
  • 21Aug 2017

Just had some upholstery cleaning done after a wine incident after a party! I was worried it wouldn't come out, but the cleaners from Eva Cleaners did a great job! I can't even see where it was! Very reasonable prices too!

  • Kathryn A.
  • 28Jul 2017

Eva Cleaners's professionals are without a doubt the nicest people I have hired for domestic cleaning services. They work in a very organised way while always being available to answer any questions I have related to their service.

  • A. Knight
  • 27Jun 2017

I came across an advertisement about their rug cleaning services and I decided to hire them. Eva Cleaners have an exceptional team of cleaners. Best of all, their cleaning services are cost-effective.

  • N. Phillips
  • 01Jun 2017

Neat and fast service by Eva Cleaners. Will be using them on a monthly basis, value for money, good cleaning skills.

  • R. Stein
  • 25Apr 2017

My husband called Eva Cleaners for me as a welcome home from hospital surprise. Spotless floors and rooms. Very happy with the home cleaning service. TY!!

  • Jane
  • 04Apr 2017

Five stars! Very courteous and professional cleaners! Did the job exactly the way I wanted! Eva Cleaners did deliver!

  • Rachael L.
  • 10Mar 2017

Their house cleaning service is outstanding! Eva Cleaners offers cheap prices and guarantees impressive results!

  • B. Fordham
  • 09Feb 2017

Would use Eva Cleaners again if I need professional carpet cleaning services. Their prices are reasonable and the cleaners are true professionals!

  • Clara T.
  • 16Jan 2017

Needed a cleaning agency to help me clean my home. Eva Cleaners had the best deals and prices for the job and then showed that they also had the best team for the job. Excellent work all the way!

  • Ian Heady
  • 07Dec 2016

The company that cleaned my office on a regular basis went bankrupt so I had to find another cleaning company. I did a research and contacted Eva Cleaners because it seemed reliable. I didn't regret my decision! The cleaners are true professionals and always do a great job!

  • Kim
  • 25Nov 2016

Window cleaning requires a lot of hard work and time. I am busy and I do not have the time to do that household cleaning chore. I use the services of Eva Cleaners and am always happy with the result and the price!

  • Harriet
  • 07Nov 2016

I was impressed when Eva Cleaners did a fabric test on the upholstery before beginning with the sofa cleaning. I would never have thought of that. They made sure their treatment or whatever it is would work without damaging any fabric and now we have nice fresh-smelling clean furniture again.

  • Dahlia K.
  • 28Oct 2016

I had a really great experience with Eva Cleaners, they were above and beyond what I expected and even worked on organising the mess on my home office desk. I have two other friends using their cleaning services, so their recommendation worked well.

  • Philip C.
  • 28Sep 2016

I wanted to clean my flat quickly, but there was no way I could do it myself due to lack of cleaning supplies or knowledge about which ones to use. Luckily, Eva Cleaners had all the answers there and they provided me with a speedy domestic cleaning service at an awesome price. Thank you!

  • Wendy
  • 29Aug 2016

Last weekend a team from Eva Cleaners came to my place to deep clean my carpets and windows. They were polite, helpful and efficient. The crew arrived on time and completed the whole job within only 2 hours. What I liked in particular was that the carpets dried up pretty fast and looked like brand new afterwards. Really genuine and reliable company!

  • V. Poole
  • 21Jul 2016

I have two pet dogs and it is not easy to clean up after them. The rugs and sofas in the house are full of pet hair. It does become embarrassing when we have friends coming over. My daughter called up Eva Cleaners and they promised to get the carpets and sofas cleaned. I must say they stayed true to their words. Our carpets and upholstery are now clean and free of pet hair. Excellent cleaning service!

  • Susie M.
  • 23Jun 2016

I was finding it hard to balance my work and home responsibilities; in fact, it was starting to affect the time I spent with my son. I barely had any free time anymore. A colleague passed on the details of Eva Cleaners to me and I am very happy I decided to hire them. They now tackle all my house cleaning chores and I am left with time to spare! Much obliged!

  • Emily H.
  • 31May 2016

I first used Eva Cleaners to do a house clean for me when I had broken my leg. They were so cheap and so good that I kept them on even when I had recovered. Their prices are affordable and they are so professional that it made complete sense to me.

  • Dawn Davis
  • 14Jul 2015

Eva Cleaners were very helpful when it came to my one off clean. I hired several people to help me wash, vacuum etc. They saw to every aspect of my clean thoroughly and carefully. The staff were helpful and friendly, enabling me to get a great clean and a pleasant experience. The results were excellent and I will easily consider hiring them again.

  • Emily Skinner
  • 27May 2015

I've always hated having to clean my house, but now that's a worry that I don't have anymore! Eva Cleaners have helped me with my home cleaning for a few months now, and they always ensure that my home smells fresh, looks clean and feels sanitary. I couldn't imagine hiring any other company, and not just because this is the cheapest in the area! Thank you for all of the hard work!

  • Adele
  • 29Jan 2015

I hate getting my hands dirty but I also want to live in a clean home. This mean that I have employed a lot of cleaning companies but so far, I have only experienced extremely good service with Eva Cleaners. They are very transparent with their dealings. You get what you pay for and there are no hidden charges. Additionally, there services are very punctual and thorough and I have no complaints for as many times I have used them. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need of a cleaning company.

  • Rachel D.
  • 04Dec 2014

We wanted to get a good cleaning agency to do our home cleaning and I've never regretted hiring Eva Cleaners. Their cleaners work hard and they have a superb eye for detail, which means that I'm not going through the house and finding more jobs for them to do, but going through the house and being surprised at how much they have done. I have always had cleaners who do some things well and others not so well but this cleaning company seems to tick all the boxes. The quality of the house cleaning I receive from them is excellent.

  • Felicity
  • 14Nov 2014

Eva Cleaners come along and help in the mornings while I'm getting the kids ready for school, they're an absolute life saver! Seriously, if you've got a lot going on with school runs, kids and what not, it's worth giving these guys a call. I wasn't sure about spending the money on having the cleaner, but it's probably one of the most sensible decisions I've ever made. Now, the mornings are a lot less hectic and we have a few more smiling faces instead of rushing about stroppy ones! Mine included! I can't rate these cleaners highly enough!

  • Michelle
  • 23Oct 2014

I am very particular about who I hire for furniture cleaning because I have a number of priceless antiques around the house that I have spent years collecting. It's a labour of love and nothing but the best cleaning service is good enough for me. That is why I always work with Eva Cleaners when I need furniture cleaning services. From stain and scratch removal to buffing, polishing and waxing, no task is too big or small for these cleaning contractors. In all this time of working with them I haven't had a single complaint and I could not be more pleased with the quality of service and dedication.

  • Chloe C.
  • 19Sep 2014

There are so many positive things to say about my experience with Eva Cleaners, I don't know where to begin. Firstly, the service they provide is top notch - I'm hardly an ineffective cleaner myself, but they do a proper, thorough job, not missing any errant corners. My cleaner is a pleasure to deal with too - she's easy to talk to, and nothing short of wonderful. This company provided a well rounded service for a great value price, and as a result is very easy to recommend. I only hired them for a one time clean, and I'll definitely consider hiring them again in the future.

  • Charles P.
  • 21Aug 2014

I must admit that I am very impressed with the way in which Eva Cleaners have managed to help me, year in, year out, with the spring cleaning. I used to do it all myself, but it's a bit of a hassle now that I am a bit older. I find that the people that they send over are always lovely to work with, and very good at the job at hand. In many ways, I would not be able to do it without them nowadays. You can be sure that you will get a decent clean form these people, and they are a good price as well.

  • Donna Torres
  • 31Jul 2014

My mother got really ill a while back so I took time off work to help look after her. It was like a full time job in itself and I couldn't manage the house work as well on top of that so I called Eva Cleaners after my girlfriend recommended them to me. They were amazing and so helpful. The management talked me through any questions I had and when the cleaner came, she did such a fantastic job that I actually asked her to come and do my house too! The service of this company is great, I highly recommend it.

  • Sam
  • 16Jul 2014

I am in charge of a large Halls of Residence for university students and we are extremely happy with the work of Eva Cleaners in our halls. We have found them to be particularly popular amongst students where in other Universities, or with past services there have conflicts over mess, respect and plenty of complaints back and forth. This hardworking, professional and likeable team have been excellent in their time with the University and should be commended for their hard work, and recommended for anybody in search of commercial or industrial cleaning. An unbeatable service, look no further.

  • Dominic F.
  • 30Jun 2014

My family and I threw a party the other week and it was a great success. Once everyone had left though we were horrified at the mess. Crumbs, dirt and stains were everywhere, as was litter, cans, wrappers, disposable cutlery and more. We knew we wouldn't be able to clean things ourselves so we contacted Eva Cleaners. They were able to get the job done in no time and I was amazed by this. The mess and stains disappeared before our eyes and within a day, the house was back to normal. Knowing they are here to help I think we might throw parties more often.

  • Sid Hodgson
  • 20Jun 2014

There has only ever been one cleaning company for me. From the very first time Eva Cleaners came around to my home and made sure that it was looking fresh, they've been one of the first people I call whenever anything goes wrong. No matter what it is that I'm looking for in terms of stain removal, they can deliver exactly the right service. I've hired them so many times now, I've lost count. But every single time they've managed to deliver exactly what I've needed. When it comes to shifting some stains and cleaning homes, they're my first choice.

  • Wanda Stewart
  • 04Jun 2014

Given the ways in which I struggle with simple tasks like getting the kids to school on time, it is a wonder than I am not more stressed than I am! I think that a lot of it has to do with Eva Cleaners taking over on the domestic cleaning front - I just would not have time to do it all myself if it were not for them! You can always find them to be polite and friendly, and they even help me out by being lovely to the kids! I will always be in need of a great cleaning service, I am just glad I found this one when I did!

  • Jean Jones
  • 14May 2014

I have been using Eva Cleaners for a long time now, and I really do feel like they are the best for the job. From sorting out stained curtains, to deep cleaning after a particularly messy party, the cleaning team have made things a lot easier over all, and I have been really happy with how everything has gone so far. I feel like more people need to harness the power of a great cleaning company, and get involved with this one, as they give an amazing clean for a great price!

  • E. Lambert
  • 29Apr 2014

Due to my circumstances at work I required a cleaning service that offered great flexibility, and would put up with my cancellations, often at short notice. The friendly office team at Eva Cleaners listened to my situation like nobody else would and assured me that they would be delighted to take on my cleaning work, and fit a program that suited me. Now I can arrange to have a beautifully clean house with no guilt or any problems with being charged for cancelling. Very understanding and flexible service that is unwilling to allow any problems to prevent you from looking after your home.

  • Carol D.
  • 08Apr 2014

It's been a while since I've been so impressed with any service, but I wanted to come on here and say what a big difference Eva Cleaners made to our home with their recent services. We needed a few items cleaned, getting rid of some stains which we had tried everything to shift ourselves. With absolutely no luck doing it under our own steam, we finally turned to the professionals. They came to our home and had everything looking just like new within no time at all. I can definitely say I will be hiring them again. Impressive.

  • George Gatterson
  • 19Mar 2014

If you had ever wondered what it would be like to give up on fretting over the house work all week, and just hand some money over to someone who was better than you at it, then I recommend that you do so strongly. It may not be for everyone, but the relief that using Eva Cleaners has meant for me in many aspects of my life has been well worth the small amount that they charge! It really is a dream to have a diligent and hard working cleaning service on your side!

  • Ira W.
  • 05Mar 2014

This was my first experience working with a professional cleaning company. I had always accomplished home cleaning myself and never needed to pay for a professional service. But I really see the difference now! Eva Cleaners has saved me time and energy that I now spend doing more leisurely tasks. They complete all the household cleaning more thorough than I ever could. I can now spend my weekends doing fun activities rather than cleaning the house. They provide a high-quality service at an affordable price. I would definitely recommend them for any home cleaning need.

  • Martin L.
  • 18Feb 2014

What more can I say about Eva Cleaners? They are a landlord's dream; a company that responds to anything and everything and really seems to care about their work. I was recommended their services by a friend and didn't really think much of it until I was handed back the keys to one of my properties that had been severely neglected for some time. I didn't know who else to call, and so they came and brought the place back to life quickly and for a very reasonable sum. I now give all my tenants Eva Cleaners's number to call when they move out. They keep my houses in top shape!

  • Dave Baker
  • 30Jan 2014

I always thought that professional cleaning companies were for rich people, or people that thought they were too important to get their hands dirty, but after the birth of my twin daughters I just didn't have the time to clean house! It's hard being a single parent, but Eva Cleaners have managed to do a great job with my home every two weeks, which means that I don't have to worry about the cleaning and I get to spend more time with the kids. This is a brilliant service that I think everyone should try - I can't recommend it enough!

  • Leanne F.
  • 20Jan 2014