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Eva Cleaners is a reliable and dependable and 100% trustworthy cleaning company. Whatever you need in terms of cleaning, we can help and we'd be more than happy to lend a helping hand when and where it is needed. If your patio is looking a bit under the weather recently and it looks like it needs perking up, all you have to do is call us now on 020 3409 1608 and we will be straight over to lend our expertise. As a ten year running cleaning company, we know the secret to a successful clean and if you hire us now, you will be able to find out that secret of ours for yourself. So don't miss out, whatever you do, on our fantastic cleaning services. You are always guaranteed brilliant patio cleaning here with us at a more than affordable price that won't cost you the earth. We are aware that most of you are probably on a tight budget and we have no intention of charging you an arm and a leg for patio cleaning.

Thanks to our skilled and experienced team of cleaners, your patio will look almost brand new again.

This is why we have kept our prices low: to keep our lovely customers happy. Nobody should have to pay an arm and a leg for cleaning services. With us, you can pay little and receive a lot. For more information on our cleaning services or to book a date now, call 020 3409 1608.

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Jet washing/Patio cleaning£2/m2

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A team of staff dedicated to providing excellent services

There are several reasons why you should rely on us for excellent patio cleaning. However, the most important and most notable is down to our excellent, dedication team of cleaners.

Our staff is extremely hard working, motivated and efficient and always 100% dedicated to providing you with superb cleaning services. With our teams, you will see no delays, no problems, no idleness, only pure hard work and expertise. Their dedication is evident in everything they do, so you are guaranteed to be happy with our great cleaners. They always work hard to supply superb results. Your patio will shine.

High-end cleaning equipment

Our high end cleaning equipment is yet another reason why we are the best cleaning company in town. On your patio, we will use only the innovative, best cleaning equipment accessible to us, because we believe that in addition to skill, the equipment one uses is as important. Therefore, we always use the best, high-end cleaning equipment on your patio, to make it extra clean and dirt-free.

If you do it yourself, you probably don't have either the skill or the right equipment to clean, which is why we highly suggest hiring us, a professional cleaning company, to carry out patio cleaning for you.

Innovative cleaning techniques

Our innovative cleaning techniques makes us the best and most respected cleaning company in the area, which is why you should hire us right now for patio cleaning.

Over time, your patio, no matter what age it is, can get very dirty and untidy. That's why you should approach us for cleaning help. You certainly won't be let down if you put your trust in us because we're always up to scratch when it comes to cleaning. There is no doubt about it, your patio will look immaculate when you let us clean it for you. The results will simply blow you away, even amaze you.

Fast and exceptional results

On top of all of this, it is our fast and exceptional results that make us, as a cleaning company, stand out among the rest of the cleaning companies out there. We will definitely prove to you that we're the best cleaning company when you see the results.

For those of you needing patio cleaning, we are the company to hire. Our cleaners have been trained to provide great results in very little time, so that clients are left waiting. Our cleaners are quick and effective. You will be impressed and over the moon with the exceptional results you see.

Removing mould and stains

Did you know that your patio can conjure up terrible mould and stains. Whether you have noticed it or not, it is nevertheless crucial that you have them removed. A dirty, stained patio can bring the rest of your outdoor home down, making it look awful and abandoned. For this reason, you should hire us to help you get rid of mould and stains for good. We have the right products, equipment and skill to banish mould and stains for good. If you have ever seen it before, you will know just how awful mould and stains looks.

Why choose our patio cleaners

Without a trace of doubt, we place our full confidence in our team of patio cleaners. We assure you that our cleaners are the best. With their expertise and experience, they will transform your patio from stained and moldy to clean and tidy. Clients are always impressed with our skilled cleaners and they never fail to amaze us with their skill. The reason why you should hire our patio cleaners is because every individual in the cleaning team is efficient, motivated, trustworthy and 100% completely and utterly dedicated to your patio clean. Every clean they carry out is successful.

Flexible hours for visitation

We pride ourselves in being one of the most flexible companies in the area. We like to be flexible and our hours for visitation are equally as flexible as the rest of our company and staff. That means that it does not matter when your patio needs cleaning. We offer flexible hours for visitation.

We like to be flexible and our hours for visitation are equally as flexible as the rest of our company and staff.

Whenever you need us to clean your patio, we can come and do it most times of day. You never know when you are going to need an urgent cleaner, which is why we like to be as flexible as possible for the sake of our clients.

Competitive prices

You will find no better value for money than here with us for patio cleaning. We offer competitive prices on all of our cleaning services, including our great patio cleaning service. Therefore, if you are searching for good priced cleaning services, you will find it here with us at our cleaning company. We on purposely keep our prices competitive to the benefit of our clients. You see, we are aware that many of you don't have the money to waste on services and you are only seeking affordable cleaning services. Well, you will certainly find great priced service at our company.

You will find the best deals here at our cleaning company, so get in touch now for all the details and a free quote. If you need this service, we are the best choice for you and we guarantee you won't be let down if you hire us now for our cleaning services. You will save time, money, energy and a great deal of hard work when you book with us for professional cleaning. We are confident that you will be happy with us and you will for sure be happy with the results we will provide to you, so book a date today if you want to see your patio transformed. You will be, quite frankly, amazed by the results we offer you. This is down to our talented team of cleaners that never let us down. They always impress us with their skills. Book now to see instant, fast results. Eva Cleaners is the leading cleaning company with a great reputation for offering the best cleaning service in the area. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products, top cleaning equipment, and we boast the best team of cleaners. Our staff never lets us down and always supply clients with superb services. Whatever you need as far as cleaning is concerned, we are more than happy to help, so go ahead and book with us now for all the cleaning you need. Some people genuinely don't have the time to clean and therefore, it gets left leaving your patio looking down and ugly. To stop this from happening and prevent it full stop, let us help you. When you book with us you won't regret it when you see the results we can provide to you. Additionally, our prices are by far the best and we certainly won't leave you empty pocketed. You are always guaranteed 100% results when you hire us for patio cleaning, so don't miss out. We always provide first class cleaning services at all times. There are endless benefits to hiring us for cleaning. Call our office today for all the details on 020 3409 1608. From start to end, you will be more than satisfied with the service provided to you. Hire us now and see instant results. Your patio will look immaculate once we have completed your patio clean. We supply great results at great prices.

Our Testimonials
Carl A. 2023/07/17
I gave them the unenviable task of getting my patio cleaning sorted. It hadn't been deep cleaned for quite a while. They put in a great deal of effort and, thankfully, managed to put the situation right.
Graeme E. 2023/06/26
The patio cleaning, their brilliant team accomplished what was needed. They left my patio gleaming clean and thoroughly sanitised.
Holly H. 2023/06/05
I couldn't fault the work ethic of their cleaning team. Doing such a massive amount of work so thoroughly too, was very impressive. I got a lot for my money when I hired them.
R. Root 2023/05/29
Their home cleaning team arrived on time and set out to impress. Impress they certainly did. I was delighted with all they did for me and the standard of their work.

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