The following conditions here state the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties involved in this Agreement. In places where the words 'you' or 'your' appear, they refer to the Customer. The words 'we', 'us' or 'our' signifies Eva Cleaners. The present terms and conditions can be changed and/or amended without prior notice. Your attention is drawn to our cancellation policy described in Clause 4. 

1. Introduction

    • Please check that the details in these Terms and on the Order Confirmation are complete and accurate before you commit yourself to the contract.
      If you think that there is a mistake, please make sure that you ask us to confirm any changes in writing, as we only accept responsibility for statements and representations made in writing.

2. Bookings and Confirmation

2.1 At the time of the booking you have to provide us with an accurate description of your property to include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Eva Cleaners. reserves the right to amend the quote and charge for any extra work that needs to be carried out.

2.2 If you provide us with incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information or instructions, we may cancel the Order, or we may make an additional charge of a reasonable sum to cover any extra work that is required;

2.3 Access to property: You shall ensure that access to your property is available either by providing a set of keys in advance of the date of cleaning or by ensuring someone is at the property on the day of the clean.

(a) In the event of our cleaners being unable to obtain access to the property due to lack of keys, lockout or no one being present you will be subject to the minimum charge of £50.

(b) In the case that our teams have to travel a distance further than 3 miles to pick up or     drop off the keys of the property to be cleaned, an additional charge will be added based on the distance to be travelled for key pick up/drop off.  

2.4 Credit or debit card details, must be provided in order to secure a booking. 
    (a) There is an additional 2 % charge when paying by credit card. 

2.5 Once a job has been confirmed, a slot will be reserved for the performance of the service. Please note, that the confirmation of the time of the job is only an estimate, as we do not have control over given circumstances, including but not limited to traffic, bad weather, or force majeure events.

     2.6 Please note that it is your responsibility to make parking arrangements. You may need to contact your district council to request a parking permit, or suspension. Any parking fees or fines, accrued during the time of the service provided, are to be paid by the customer. 

3. Pricing and Payment:

3.1 Our prices are based on pictures and information provided by you.  We reserve the right     to amend the Quote/Order Confirmation should we feel it is necessary.

3.2 The Services provided by Eva Cleaners. are payable in cash to our operatives on site, or by card over the phone at the beginning of the service. We do not accept cheques. 

3.3 Prices are based on a minimum charge of the corresponding service to be provided. 

(a) Carpet cleaning minimum of £48 including VAT
(b) One Off Cleaning minimum of £128 including VAT

3.4 Additional charges may include: congestion charge of £11.5 or an additional charge (based on distance) if your property is outside of M25. 

4. Re-schedule and Cancellation of Appointments:   

4.1 In case you decide to cancel the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the job cancellation, a fee of £50 will apply without further notice

4.2   Eva Cleaners. reserves the right to charge £25 in case the appointment needs to be rescheduled in a short notice (less than 24 hours prior to the job)

5. Services:

5.1 In order to provide professional and quality service, our teams must have adequate lighting and warm water available at the property. In instances where the health or wellbeing of our teams is threatened, due to hazardous environment, Eva Cleaners , reserves the right to cancel the appointment. 

5.2 We reserve the right to sub-contract any or all of the Services

5.3 We require that you (or representative) are present at the end of the cleaning in order to inspect the Services and sign off the work as completed to your satisfaction.
In the event that you are not present, the Services will be treated as accepted by you.

5.4 We will make every effort to arrive and complete the Services on time however there may be delays due to circumstances beyond our control. In this case we will complete the Services as soon as reasonably possible.

5.5 Pre/End of Tenancy Cleaning:

(a) Please note that we do not wash / clean walls and ceilings!

(b)  Pre/End of Tenancy Cleaning means that our teams will clean the premises based on the criteria that there are no personal belongings left in the property. In the event there are personal belongings on the premises, we reserve the right to cancel job without further due notice.  If a return visit is necessary a charge will be added.

(c) Pre/End of Tenancy includes the following: floor cleaning, tile polishing, cleaning of kitchen appliances, dusting of cupboards, drawers/worktops, skirting boards, doors. We do clean windows, only if they are reachable.

(d) This service also includes cleaning of fridge/freezers, however they must be defrosted 24 hours prior to the service. If the fridge/freezer is not defrosted 24 prior to the scheduled time of the service, it will not be cleaned under the pre/end of tenancy service.

(e) Lime scaling the bathroom, sanitizing all surfaces removing any mould or stains, as much as possible.

(f) All cleaning products and equipment will be provided by the cleaning team and will be included in the price. The End of Tenancy Cleaning DOES NOT include steam carpet, upholstery or curtain cleaning. These services should be booked at additional cost and preferably should be mentioned at the time of the booking.

(g)  Washing and stacking of dirty utensils, glassware, cutlery, crockery, pots is offered at additional cost of £20.

(h) Upon request the outside area might be cleaned at additional cost. This includes sweep of hard areas such as patio and paving, wash inside and out the front door and brass work, cleaning of garden furniture(such as table and chairs).

(i)  In the unlikely event that the Services do not conform to these Terms, please let us know IN WRITING within 48 hours of the completion of the job. We will re-perform the Services free of charge. *This is only applicable to the End/Pre of Tenancy Cleaning service.

5.6 Re –Clean Policy:

(a) Eva Cleaners. will perform re-cleans only for customers who have provided and inventory report and pictures, 48 hours after the completion of the service. Re-clean policy, and 48 hour guaranteed service is only applicable for End/Pre of Tenancy Cleanings. 

(b) Filing a complaint 48 hours after the property has been cleaned, or after new tenants have entered the property is not-acceptable. Therefore, any complaints filed later that the acceptable time frame will be disclaimed / dismissed. 

5.7 Carpet Cleaning

(a) The carpet cleaning service can only be carried out in areas which are accessible (please, note our machinery is quite heavy). In the case that your property is located on a floor, where there is no lift, our technicians will not be able to provide the service.

(b) In order to clean carpets our technicians may move light furniture and or other items obstructing the ability to give an optimal clean. We do not move heavy items such as beds, wardrobes, etc.

(c) Carpets will be slightly damp straight after the clean. Estimated drying time may vary depending on the nature/fabric of the carpet. We expect drying process to last between a few hours and a day. Please, be advised that by providing a good ventilation or heating, the drying time can be decreased. Eva Cleaners. will not be held responsible for any damage, or discolouring caused by placing heavy items on the carpets shortly after they have been cleaned.

5.8 One Off Cleaning

(a) One Off Cleaning can include some of the following: cleaning of windows (only if reachable), window/picture frames, and skirting boards. Cleaning of floors and tiles are washed (bathrooms, WC); complete kitchen/kitchenette cleaning, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Please, note this service is charged at an hourly rate.

(b) This service can also include professional steam cleaning of the carpets upon request at additional price. Our minimum requirements for one off cleaning services are 2 cleaners for 4 hours. We work in half an hour increments.

5.9 Curtain Cleaning (Steam):

(a) The curtain cleaning service entails light steam cleaning on curtains which are attached to curtain rods. You as a client, are advised that between 5-10% of curtains might shrink during the service. It is advisable to check the label of your curtains before booking the service.

5.10 Rubbish Removal /Collection

(a). Removing of any unwanted items (food, furniture) or rubbish, that have been left in the premises, can be arranged upon request and ONLY in case there is a designated place (dumping ground) in front or beside the property. Rubbish removal/collection is provided at an additional charge. 

(b) Eva Cleaners is not responsible for any penalty issued in case the occupant fails to resolve this matter in advance.

6. Liability:

6.1  Eva Cleaners. will not be held liable in case -

(a) the Services not being completed due to the lack of suitable cleaning equipment supplied by you (if applicable);

(b) wear or discolouring of fabric becoming more visible once dirt has been removed;

(c) existing damage or spillage that cannot be cleaned or removed completely using normal cleaning methods;

(d) damage to wood floors where protection or felt pads have not been fixed to legs of furniture;

(e) the Services not being completed  due to a third party entering or being present at your property whilst we are performing the Services;

(f) Curtain shrinkage during a curtain steam cleaning.

All services are subject to Eva Cleaners. TERMS & CONDITIONS

Please note: Eva Cleaners. aim to deal with any issues with the service provided as soon as possible. Therefore any complaint filed later than 7 working days (from the date the service provided) will NOT be dealt with.