We'll wipe your windows till their wonderfully clean and gleam

Dirty windows can make your entire home look dirty and run down. It is indeed surprising the effect it has on the rest of your home. That is why you should definitely consider hiring Eva Cleaners to help you with window cleaning. You will definitely notice a vast improvement to your windows once we have cleaned them for you. You will definitely see a major difference between the past and present state of your windows. The fact is, windows tend to collect the most dust and dirt because of where they are located. They also tend to collect mould and damp, which just is not pleasant at all. Therefore, it would be a great idea if you hired us, professionals, to clean your windows until they gleam. When you book with us for any type of cleaning service, you will certainly be happy with the results we can provide you with.

Our team of qualified cleaners will help you every step of the way with your window clean and will have them sparkling.

We are merely a call away, so get in touch on 020 3409 1608 and you will get a free quote over the phone. It really is as simple as that and we can literally handle it all from there. We always provide you with superb cleaning services. If your windows need a makeover, you can rely on us to provide you with one. Want windows you can actually see out of, hire us now for a first class cleaning service!

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Window cleaning from Eva Cleaners

Do you need window cleaning from a professional cleaning company? Eva Cleaners is the right choice for you. Not only are we professional but we are reliable, offer great value for money and never cause you any inconvenience at all. Why should you have to put up with looking at dirty, grubby windows? It just is not nice. It can make you feel down and depressed.

To get rid of that down feeling, try us now and we are positive you will be impressed with our fantastic cleaning services. There is no doubt about it, we offer the best cleaning services.

Why Choose Our Window Cleaning service?

The question, why choose your window cleaning service among others? Might just be floating around your head. We can explain why.

We have a fantastic reputation as well as a huge clientele. In fact, to be perfectly honest, our company is built mainly on customer recommendations. That is how popular we are. You should choose our window cleaning service because we have been operating for longer than a decade and with our experience and know-how, we understand the key to a smooth and successful clean. We will provide you with 100% results and you won't believe the results you see.

Eco-friendly products

Here at our cleaning company we only use eco-friendly cleaning products and nothing else because we believe that cleaning should be carried out with non-toxic cleaning products that won't damage the earth. Cleaning should be done using environmentally friendly cleaning products and nothing else. You will notice that these kinds of products work equally as well.

If you want to see great results on your windows, you will and that is down to our superb eco-friendly cleaning products that we use for every single cleaning project. Why should the earth have to pay for our luxuries? We clean purely.

Outside and inside window cleaning

Both outside and inside window cleaning is offered to you by us. Whether your outside windows have gotten dirty and need to gleam again, or whether your inner windows aren't looking so good at the minute, we offer both. We can also clean both. We can turn your windows from dirty and translucent to sparkling and perfectly transparent so that you can see everything from your windows.

Windows, we're afraid to tell you, must be cleaned on a regular basis otherwise they are going to conjure up a lot of dirt. Let us maintain your windows for you and keep them looking clean and visible.

We can clean even the hardest to reach windows

Sometimes, clients don't clean their windows because the specific windows that need cleaning are in very awkward positions.

This can often prevent you from cleaning certain windows full stop. If this happens to be the case with you, let us assure you now that we can clean even the hardest to reach windows in your home. Let us clean them for you. With our top cleaning equipment, we can reach all places of your house and clean even the most awkward of spots. Feel free to get in touch and hire us for difficult area window cleaning. It's always a pleasure to help.

Personal approach to each client

Over the years, one thing we have certainly picked up is that one of the best ways to make clients happy is to apply a personal approach to each individual client. No matter how old or new a customer you are, we are always friendly and helpful with all of our clients and always treat you like a new client. And we love it this way because we get to understand the needs of our clients. It is indeed important to maintain a personal approach to eat client. We'd be more than happy to help you clean your windows.

Excellent service at competitive rates

What sets us apart from all the other companies out there is that we don't just offer competitive rates. We offer competitive rates for first class cleaning services. Believe it or not, there are still lots of companies out there offering great rates for bad quality services. With us, however, you are certainly not expected to pay little in order to receive little.

You don't have to compensate on our service just because our rates are great. Yet, truth be known, many companies do this tactic and in our eyes, it is completely unfair to clients. We always offer good priced cleaning services.

Book our window cleaners online

If you fancy hiring us for your, it could never be easier. You do not even have to walk out of your front door. You can book with us online whenever you like. It's as easy and as straight forward as that. You can book our window cleaners online and be provided with a free cleaning quote straight over the site or the phone if you choose to call us. We like to simplify everything in a bid to make your life easier. So if you seek superb window cleaners, we offer just that at the best prices. Book with us online now!

Windows are one of your home's worst culprits for gathering dirt, dust and grime over time. Therefore, it is imperative that, at some point or another, you clean them. If you haven't the time, the energy, the will power or whatever reason you have for not being able to clean your windows, be sure to book with us now for high quality cleaning services at competitive rates. Do not suffer in silence. Take the easy route and book with us now. Our cleaners are, by far, the best in the area and will take care of cleaning your windows. Little by little, they will turn your windows right around and make them look sparklingly clean. They will squeaky clean by the time our talented cleaners have finished the job.

Eva Cleaners and its staff use the best quality, eco-friendly cleaning products and innovative cleaning equipment on your windows, in order to make them extra clean. Fantastic results are always providing to all of our clients so there is no doubt about it that you will be over the moon with your windows upon completion. Our window cleaners always impress us with their profound skills. If your windows are looking down in the dumps at the moment and you are simply sick and tired of not having the time or energy to devote to cleaning them for yourself, hire us. With our know-how, experience and best resources, hiring us won't be a mistake. When you see what we are capable of, you will believe us. Call 020 3409 1608 if you are in a hurry to see your windows cleaned. Trust us, they will look spotless once we have cleaned them for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our advisers are always in the office, willing to answer your questions and help you out in any way you need. Don't waste any more time looking at your grimy windows. Hire us, a professional cleaning company now on 020 3409 1608 and we can provide you with a free quote!

Our Testimonials
Kate 25/05/2019
I call Eva Cleaners a few times a year for window cleaning. They always do a great job, and their rates are very competitive. It's no surprise that they have such a great reputation!
Josh 21/07/2019
Eva Cleaners specializes in window cleaning and other services. My wife has them on speed dial because they always get the job done right. Their pricing is the best too!
Denise Church 21/03/2019
My property management company has been using the same service for end of tenancy and window cleaning for the last three years. They know just what to do and are usually expecting our call. Outstanding service!
John and Melissa E. 19/06/2019
After we moved into a new home, we needed some assistance with domestic cleaning. This service is high-quality, and now I know why! Thank you for doing such a great job!
Mihai 16/08/2019
Not long after our twin boys went off to college, we decided to do a little ''spring'' cleaning. My husband's boss referred to Eva Cleaners, so we decided to give them a try. They were wonderful to work! I've told all my friends about them.
Wilma Swan 14/11/2019
I had to fire our last cleaning service because they were getting to be more and more unreliable. I decided to give this company a call, and I was stunned by how thorough they were! I'll never use another window cleaning company again!
J. 13/03/2019
I have Eva Cleaners' number on speed dial. Whenever I need window cleaning, they're the only company I call. They always do a great job, and they give me a preferred customer discount. I don't know any other similar service that can match their quality and affordability.
Corliss Reddenbaum 12/09/2019
We bought a new home and needed some help with deep cleaning our windows. One call to this service and they came out and did a fantastic job in less than a day. Thank you! Now I know why my neighbours sing your praises!
Jasleen 10/12/2019
Eva Cleaners are the best cleaners; hands down! Very easy to work. They come around my schedule and pay attention to detail. Thanks!
Farrah F. 08/11/2019
My wife was coming home from a two-week trip out of town. I decided to hire these cleaners to do a window cleaning at our flat before she arrived. My wife was thrilled. Top-notch cleaning company.