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What out customers in Beckenham says

I hired Eva Cleaners to attend to cleaning my flat in Beckenham. The company did a fantastic job, and I plan to hire them regularly. After all, their cleaning services in BR3 cost so little.

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in Beckenham says

This service put my wife on cloud nine, I haven’t seen her that happy since when her mum babysat and cleaned too! This service was wonderful, efficient, thoughtful, stunning and well-priced. A must for the residents of Beckenham.

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in Beckenham says

Have to thank Eva Cleaners for a fabulous home cleaning service in BR3 part of town. Our home is a whole lot cleaner now, and we will use the service again as we do not have enough time with busy jobs to clean as thoroughly as we would like to. Would recommend this company to anyone that needs help cleaning their house or flat,

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in Beckenham says

Eva Cleaners did a deep clean on my upstairs rug. They know rug cleaning. Best rates in Beckenham too!

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in Beckenham says

I have had several experiences with Eva Cleaners due to my job in Beckenham. They have been doing office cleaning for me for some time now, and I am ready to lose them any time soon.

Some of the Great Cleaners Available in Beckenham

Wouldn’t know what to do without Krysten these days, I’ve gotten so used to her cleaning services I literally don’t think I’d cope. She keeps my house in tip top condition even when I’m all over the place. Absolute lifesaver.
Jennifer Dnugg

Some of the Great Cleaners Available in Beckenham

I’ve always hated cleaning and now thanks to Barbara I don’t have to worry about it ever again. She comes in, sorts my stuff out and leaves my home in spectacular condition. I love it.
Grace Dubecki

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Carpet Cleaning Beckenham

In Beckenham, Eva Cleaners Company came into existence fifteen years ago. The cleaning company was established by a team of expert carpet cleaners. Since then we are serving people of Beckenham with high-quality carpet cleaning services. We have now also gained the certification from NCCA for our honest work.

Carpet Cleaning Beckenham BR3

Price List for Beckenham Carpet Cleaning:

Bedroom Carpet£31.00£24.00Upholstery seats£20.00£15.00
Livingroom Carpet£43.00£31.00Single Mattress£31.00£24.00
Dining Area Carpet£43.00£31.00Double Mattress£31.00£24.00
Hallway£18.00£13.00King Size Mattress£47.00£34.00

Free range of price - Carpet Cleaning Services in Beckenham

With the gradually increasing business, we also understand our social responsibility for society. For this Eva Cleaners is dedicated to giving exceptional cleaning services by eco-friendly products only. None of our product is harmful to the healthy environment. We use 100 percent biodegradable substance for carpet cleaning in Beckenham. These ecological cleaning agents are used by our expert team with combination to advanced cleaning machines for superb results.

High Quality Cleaning Services That Everyone Can Afford

The company is fully flexible in all manners. You can call us anytime for booking carpet cleaning services. We cover every nook and corner of Beckenham for cleaning carpets. For small domestic places, we have economical packages for carpet cleaning. The big corporate house can also select the best economical carpet cleaning plan. High concessional services are offered for carpet cleaning in any part of Beckenham without reducing quality.


Great Services and Greater Discounts

We can effectively remove odor, dirty stains and sticky spots from your carpets. Our trained staff is expert in the cleaning work. They have delighted every single client in Beckenham by giving best results.

It can be really frustrating trying to find the right cleaning company to properly and affordably clean your home. Look no further, as Eva Cleaners offers the highest quality carpet cleaning services for the lowest prices in your area! Don`t allow yourself one more moment of toiling on your hands and knees, trying to get a stain out of the carpet. We guarantee to clean every inch of your carpet until it is left spotless and completely free of dust and grime. Our cleaning company tackles the areas that are toughest to clean until they look brand new. All you have to do is sit back and relax while our expert professional cleaners take care of all the household cleaning tasks. No need to do any last minute organizing before we arrive, as our company`s staff will take care of that for you in no time.

BR3 cleaning services are just a phone call away, at 020 3409 1608.

List of services we provide in Beckenham, BR3:
  • Carpet Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Upholstery Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Rug Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Hardfloor Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Office Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Domestic Cleaning Beckenham, BR3
  • Window Cleaning Beckenham, BR3

Learn More about Beckenham

Beckenham is a suburban town within the Borough of Bromley, currently populated by around 82,000 residents. As it is within close proximity to Central Beckenham and due to the fact that eight railway stations pass through it, the area has become the ideal location for businesses. The high street is always busy at any time of any given day, with its many restaurants, independent stores, and upmarket chains. Beckenham is also home to the Chinese Garage, a listed building that was built in the Japanese pagoda style and sells Kia and Peugeot cars. Another well-known Beckenham destination is St. George`s Church which dates back to 1100, while Theylch gate is one of the oldest of its kind within England and was built in the 13th century.


Two ancient pubs called Ye Olde George Inn and the Three Tuns are famous for their old atmosphere, and are visited by residents of Bromley and visitors from around the country. Another landmark is the park that was once part of the Kelsey Estate, of which the only surviving buildings are the two listed lodge cottages that date back over 200 years. Beckenham is also renowned for its Festival of Music and Dancing that takes place every November, as well as for its various leisure organizations and societies that involve individuals and families from around the borough. While the Beckenham Concert Band is a successful community band that performs across the area, the most famous celebrities to come out of the town are the world renowned actress Julie Andrews and the eccentric singer David Bowie.

To let yourself live in a dirty house within the lovely town of Beckenham would be considered by many to be a crime! Don`t allow yourself one more moment of living in unclean conditions and call our cleaning company today. An unhygienic home isn`t just one that looks dirty, but one that contains all of the dust and bacteria that is invisible to the naked eye. Just because you can`t see it, doesn`t mean it is not affecting your every day health and well being. Take advantage of our ad-vanced deep cleaning supplies and our expert professional staff and allow our cleaners to get rid of all the unwanted dust and dirt in your home. Once we`re finished with your place, you`ll finally feel comfortable in the freshness of your newly cleaned home. But if you still wonder what to do with all the waste and unnecessary things from your house, you can check the recycling policies in your district council. Enjoy the results!

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