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Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in North Harrow says

Your cleaners in North Harrow are very nice and work hard, smart and fast. I love their reliability. Eva Cleaners know their stuff and I will be seeking their help in HA2 again.

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in North Harrow says

Eva Cleaners is the nicest team of cleaners in North Harrow. I genuinely enjoy seeing them around the house, fabulous.

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in North Harrow says

 For the best office cleaning services in North Harrow, I highly recommend Eva Cleaners. I use them, and they have never disappointed.

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in North Harrow says

Finding a quality house cleaning company in North Harrow is not easy. After a few tries, I found your company. Clean and effective services. Just the way I expected. Great work.

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners

What out customers in North Harrow says

I scheduled a spring cleaning service with them in my HA2 home. So much was done within a short time. The house looks great and smells nice. I would definitely recommend.

Some of the Great Cleaners Available in North Harrow

I can’t fault Hillary - she does a marvellous job with the house cleaning within the limited time available, and has really helped take a weight off my shoulders the last few months.
Valerie Jones


Some of the Great Cleaners Available in North Harrow

Evette has my seal of approval - I’m never short of delighted at how well she keeps the house clean. Really great stuff.

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Carpet Cleaning North Harrow

If you are living in HA2 you don`t have to worry about cleaning at all. With Eva Cleaners around, we can assist you with all your carpet cleaning needs. Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning service for your commercial or residential property, we can take care of it all. Our carpet cleaning services are the most popular cleaning service in North Harrow. We offer both regular carpet cleaning and one off deep cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning North Harrow HA2

Price List for North Harrow Carpet Cleaning:

Bedroom Carpet£31.00£24.00Upholstery seats£20.00£15.00
Livingroom Carpet£43.00£31.00Single Mattress£31.00£24.00
Dining Area Carpet£43.00£31.00Double Mattress£31.00£24.00
Hallway£18.00£13.00King Size Mattress£47.00£34.00

Carpet Cleaning Services at Best Prices in North Harrow

By choosing our regular cleaning assistance in North Harrow you can hire a permanent carpet cleaner that can come to your house and do whatever cleaning tasks that you need. This is a perfectly tailored cleaning package most suited for individuals and home owners. For one off deep cleaning services we provide an all round home cleaning which includes deep carpet cleaning, and a general cleaning of all other areas like floors, windows, etc. we even take care of your upholstery repairs.

Thus, if you are interested in hiring any of the above mentioned cleaning services, just call our carpet cleaning company at 020 3409 1608.

If you are in need of cleaning job like carpet cleaning in North Harrow, then we will dispatch a team of carpet cleaners with all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions.

List of services we provide in North Harrow, HA2:
  • Carpet Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Upholstery Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Rug Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Hardfloor Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Office Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Domestic Cleaning North Harrow, HA2
  • Window Cleaning North Harrow, HA2

Learn a Bit about North Harrow

HA refers to the postcode area called Harrow and consists of ten different districts in it which has seven subdivision post towns. These districts are spread over the north west of London as well as a part of south Herdfordshire. HA2 represents the district of Harrow which covers North Harrow, South Harrow, and Rayners Lane. This area falls under the London Borough of Harrow which is the northwest of London, England. It is a suburban town that is almost 10.5 miles from Charing Cross in the northwest.  Before Harrow was included into Greater London in the year 1965, it was a municipal borough of Middlesex. The University of Westminster has a large campus in Harrow which is famously known as Harrow School. The Harrow County School is also located in the same area.

North Harrow

The London Borough of Harrow is now working on a new plan called the Harrow and Wealdstone Intensification Area which is to include the Wealdstone district center, the Metropolitan Center, the Station Road, former Kodak site. This plan intends on delivering almost 2,800 homes along with almost 3,000 new jobs by the year 2026. The council of this area is working on an Area Action Plan that will help with the coordination of the whole plan. The name `Harrow` is derived from an old English word that means temple which is known to exist on the famous hill of Harrow. Today the St. Mary`s church stands at the exact same spot. Briggs was the person who studied the name `Harrow` in detail. The Usurp Art Collective was set up in the year 2010 by an artist - led gallery.

Eva Cleaners is your solution to all your cleaning needs in North Harrow, HA2.

So just call us at 020 3409 1608 and speak to our customer care representative to talk to them about carpet cleaning services you need and the date and time on which you would like to book them.