Carpet Stain Protection

A large number of carpets come from the carpet mill already treated with a stain protector such as Scotchgard, Teflon, DuPont, Stainsafe, Clariant or one of many other "treatments".
Unfortunately, the more expensive carpets, which are in the most price sensitive areas, come with no protection on at all. These traditionally are 80% wool/20% nylon twist pile carpets and 100% Axminster or Wilton construction carpets.
It is not uncommon to pay between �15 and �55 per square metre for these carpets and find that they have no protection against staining or soiling. Fortunately, they can be treated with a number of protectors in the home to give you the protection that you require.
Since 1989 we have used products made by 3M such as Scotchgard Protector and even today we continue to use their technology leading products. 3M Carpet Protector can be safely applied in the home after the carpet has been fitted and as soon as the carpet is dry again it can be put to normal use. So why should you invest in a carpet protector?
Quite simply, carpets which are protected will stay cleaner for longer because regular vacuuming is more effective and also carpets which are protected are more resistant to staining. When it eventually becomes necessary, your treated carpets can be cleaned more easily and much more effectively.
How does it work?
3M Carpet Protector is a fluorochemical treatment that surrounds individual fibres with an invisible odourless shield protecting them against household dirt and liquid spills. The protector gives lasting protection and helps your home carpets to keep their good looks for longer.
After applying protection or after cleaning and protection, you will be given a "Certificate of Protection" as proof that the correct treatment, as approved throughout the industry, has been carried out.
Free � full care documentation for you.
After completion of cleaning and protection you will be given a folder containing a Care Guide, a specification of the work done and a "Certificate of Protection". In addition, verbal care instructions are given.