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Look no further. Eva Cleaners could be the house cleaning service just for you. We take all your hard work away and provide a thorough clean of everything - or whatever you need - in your house. All floor surfaces - carpets, rugs, floors. Upholstery, matrices, sofas, hard surfaces - tables, chairs, washable walls, skirting boards, windows, appliances, cupboards, drawers, sinks baths.

Worried about having strangers running free in your home? You need have no worries - all our house cleaning technicians are fully vetted, with identity cards, proof of address and references, all available for you to inspect.
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We can provide whatever you want. We also offer a range of specific services : window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning.
No job is too small or too big for our house cleaning team. Just let us know your specific needs or discuss them with us and we shall be happy to help. You can call us FREE on 020 3409 1608 for house cleaning help and advice or you can book your house cleaning on line and we will contact you within few hours.
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Five Effective Ways for a More Effective Home Cleaning








Cleaning the house is a chore. You don't have any choice but to do it, not unless you hire a professional cleaner to do it regularly. But that would be a very expensive option. Besides, there are benefits of house cleaning that you will surely enjoy. One of these is the clean place to live in. Not to mention the use of unwanted calories from your body.

Sure, cleaning can be your most hated jobs. But there are things you can do to make the cleaning more effective while using your energy for its utmost advantage.

1.Make your every cleaning move count. You can make use of your energy more efficiently if you start cleaning from the top to bottom.

Remember the work of gravity—everything falls to the ground. If you start cleaning in the middle part, you might repeat cleaning it again after you have removed dirt from the top.

Cleaning in one direction is also helpful in using your energy more effectively. So start your cleaning from the back to the front or from the right to the left.

Also, remove the dust first before using the vacuum since you can only use the vacuum for the floor.

2.Clean one area at a time. Finish cleaning the kitchen first before you start cleaning the living room. Or maybe finish cleaning the master’s bedroom first before the guest room.

This way, you can see the fruit of your hard labor in no time. If you divert cleaning from one room to another, expect to spend more time cleaning your house.

3.Just clean when cleaning. Don't be distracted by the television or magazines. Just clean and do your other stuffs later.

Destruction often happens when you are cleaning your drawers, taking away the unneeded documents there. Stop reminiscing the old times and just do your job. Besides, you can always have a more relaxing time looking at your old stuffs when you already finished cleaning.

4.Listen to music while cleaning. Cleaning is not really an enjoyable job. But listening to music while cleaning will at least help you overcome boredom.

Try lively or groovy music. You can turn on your stereo but an mp3 player with headphone or earphone is better.

5.Have your cleaning supplies at hand. You don't want to spend your cleaning time looking for your cleaning supplies. So before you start cleaning, make sure that all your needed things are with your.

You can simply put all your cleaning things in a pail or a tote cleaning bucket.

Try these simple but helpful tips and you'll see, cleaning can be done easier, if not enjoyable.