Leave the domestic Cleaning to Us and Guarantee a Clean home Every day!

Does your home need a clean? If you are sick and tired of living in an unclean home, let us help you. Eva Cleaners is a professional cleaning company and we offer the best domestic cleaning service. We don't charge much but the home cleaning service we offer is, by far, the best. Over time, your home can turn really dirty and unclean so it is important that you hire a professional cleaning company for a great clean. When your home is dirty, it can completely destroy your social life. This is because one can become ashamed of inviting friends back to your dirty, smelly house. If you do not have the time to clean your own house, make sure you hire a professional cleaning company, like us, and we will not let you down. Call us now on 020 3409 1608 if you would like to receive a free quote.

For anything you need, just call us and we won't let you down.

House cleaning must be done at some time or another unless you want it to look abandoned. For details or if you have any questions about our house cleaning services and more, get in touch with our office today on 020 3409 1608 and we won't let you down. And you certainly won't be dissatisfied with our services.

We come to you!

Hire us and we will come straight to you.

You don't need to come to us. You see, we adore our clients and we provide you with the best cleaning services ever. So if you need house cleaning, hire us today and we will solve your problems. If your home is looking a little under the weather, hire us now, right away for a first class domestic clean. We promise we will come straight to you and we will supply you with the best home cleaning service. Hire us and we guarantee you will not be unimpressed with us.

Making your home sparkle

When you hire us for house cleaning, we will make your home sparkle. You honestly would not believe the results we can provide to you. Your home will look absolutely spotless once we have cleaned it for you. Our cleaners use the best method and the best cleaning materials on your home, so you are guaranteed a top quality cleaning service at your home.

Thanks to our highly trained cleaners, top resources and plenty of experience, you are destined for a great clean. We supply nothing but the best to you because we believe you deserve the best. Hire us now for a sparkling house!

Choose from a range of cleaning services

We offer a full range and a variety of cleaning services for you to choose from such as oven cleaning, commercial cleaning, upholstery cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning and much, much more! At the best prices out there! You can receive very affordable cleaning services. We know that for many, hiring a professional cleaning company can be expensive to many. With us, it is completely affordable to all. It is true that we don't charge a lot for our remarkable domestic cleaning services. You will love our superb cleaning skills.

There's nothing we can't clean!

There really and honestly is nothing we can't clean. Whatever project you send our way, in terms of cleaning, we can help for sure. Every cleaning service is carried out with diligence, efficiency and 100% desiccation to each clean.

So we are telling the full truth when we say there is nothing we can't clean. We can clean everything and anything you send our way, so feel free to hire us and you will definitely be impressed with us.

Personal approach to clients

What makes us stand out a lot compared to all the other cleaning companies out there is that we use a personal approach to our clients. We like to have a close and friendly reputation with all of our customers. We would like you to know that you can count on us for all of your cleaning needs. We maintain a personal approach to our clients because we adore you and want only the best for you. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect because we believe that you deserve nothing but the very best.

Deep cleaning

When we clean your home for you, we deep clean it. Over time, if left, your home can get ever so dirty.

It can hold bad odors, bad stains and worsen over time if you don't clean your domestic property often. The best option for you would be to hire us for professional cleaning. Our professional team of specialised cleaners is the very best and each member of the team will carry out domestic deep cleaning. Your home, we can assure you, will look immaculate and spotless and sparkling when we have worked our magic over your home.

Innovative cleaning techniques

Thanks to our brilliant innovative cleaning techniques, your home will look mega clean once we have cleaned it for you. Your house will, without a doubt, look spotless and there will be no traces of dirt around. You see, we boast innovative cleaning techniques. Our cleaners have been trained to meet extremely high standards and each project sent their way is carried out with hard work and dedication. Over time, we have learned a great deal of innovative cleaning techniques. So your home, once we have cleaned it with our wonderful method, will appear gleaming. The best option: hire us for domestic cleaning.

State-of-the-art cleaning equipment

In addition to our innovative cleaning techniques, we also use state of the art cleaning equipment such as top quality steam cleaners and so forth. Our products and equipment is the best on the market. Our state of the art cleaning equipment means we can clean your house from top to bottom and have it transformed in very little time. Just give us your key and we can let ourselves in and out, and you needn't help us. We will do it all and we will make sure your home looks like it never has before. With our brilliant cleaning equipment, your home will look brand new.

100% guaranteed results

You are guaranteed 100% brilliant results. Hiring us for domestic cleaning is the best way to see instant, fantastic cleaning results. Every member of the cleaning team is diligent and hardworking and has undergone a great deal of training and experience to meet the fantastic results they do. You will not believe the brilliant results we can provide to you. You will not recognise your home when we have completed our clean. For 100% guaranteed results, come to us and we will provide you with perfect results. You won't believe what you see. We will make sure your home looks very clean indeed.

Competitive prices

Our competitive prices make us one of the most appealing cleaning companies in the area. We use the best cleaning products on your home and your home will look immaculate once we have finished cleaning it. You will be amazed with what we can provide you with. We know a great deal of people avoid hiring a professional cleaning company because they think it will cost a fortune. However, with us, you won't have to pay a great deal, because we want all of our cleaning services to be completely affordable to all of you. Let us provide you with affordable cleaning services.

Choose Eva Cleaners if you want first class cleaning services. If you need home cleaning, hire us and you won't be unimpressed. We boast a fantastic team of cleaners. Each has been trained to meet exceedingly high standards. There is absolutely nothing we can't clean and we won't let you down. You can choose from a range of cleaning services with us at our cleaning company. We can come straight to you for domestic cleaning and we will make your home sparkle. That is a promise. We always maintain a personal approach to our clients. With our innovative cleaning techniques and state of the art cleaning equipment, your domestic property will look gleaming, shining and will smell like roses. You are guaranteed 100% results. Your domestic property will look like brand new. Our cleaners put their entire energy into cleaning your domestic property, so you will definitely see superb results. Whether you need us because you don't have the time or perhaps you don't want to endure the hard work. Either way, no matter what your reason is for hiring, the important thing is that you hire us for your domestic clean. If you have any questions about our brilliant cleaning services, call our office right away on 020 3409 1608. Our friendly and helpful advisers will be glad to help you out all the way and you will receive a perfect domestic clean.