Let Eva Cleaners assist you in choosing a house cleaning service that will suit you. We always consider our client’s needs as we are fully dedicated to making sure that every customer is happy. If you choose a package where a regular cleaner is sent to your home and for any reason you are dissatisfied we will replace them. Moreover you will not have to wait for a replacement, as one will be sent to you immediately. We not only consider SM1 house cleaning as our speciality, it is our way of helping you to alleviate stress. If you have a regular cleaner that has gone on leave, we are happy to send one of our highly trained staff to stand-in until they return. All the details will be discussed with you ahead of time and you will have the opportunity to meet our friendly cleaners before they start. Don’t let the cleaning blues get the better of you, call us on 020 3409 1608 and allow us to help you.

The SM postcode is also known as the Sutton postcode, and the SM1 region is based in the Sutton post town which also encompasses Rose Hill and parts of The Wrythe and Carshalton, Benhilton and Erskine Village. Sutton is a large south London town on the North Downs, 10.9 miles south-south- east of Charing Cross. Local government is in the hands of Sutton London Borough Council, and Sutton is the administrative centre of the council. It is an important retail and civic centre. The railway station opened in 1847, and the town’s population subsequently doubled between 1851 and 1861 and again in the next ten years. New housing was built in the Lind Road district to meet this demand. Most of the early architecture dates from this period. Twenty-first Century design is exemplified by the ‘Lambourne’ and ‘Aspects of Sutton’ apartments. There are six examples of public art displayed in Sutton centre, including the 30 foot by 16 foot Drostle and Turner mosaic which depicts Sutton’s industrial and architectural heritage and features Henry VIII’s visit to Nonsuch as its centrepiece. The Secombe Centre theatre was opened by Sir Harry Secombe in 1983. It was named in his honour after he had lived in the town for over thirty years. The £8 million Sutton Life Centre aims to foster good citizenship and enhance young people’s life chances. It has a cafe, library, climbing wall and eco, youth, media, sports and community zones. There are over 6,800 businesses in Sutton, a rise of nearly twenty percent since 1994. The Victorian-era High Street has been an established retail district for more than a century; it now has two covered shopping centres as well. There are Turkish, Pakistani, Thai and Spanish restaurants, along with the ‘Brasserie Vacherin Malcolm John’ which is listed in The Good Food Guide.   

At Eva Cleaners, we understand that trying to keep a pristine home is an endless task. For those people that work long hours, our team can reward you with a clean home on your return every day. When calling on 020 3409 1608, you are assured of knowing that your home will be hygienically clean. Cleaning is a thankless labour that can take hours with no end in sight. If your home is full of pets and children, we understand that keeping it clean is almost impossible. By calling on our SM1 cleaners, we will use the correct equipment and products to make sure that the work done is easy to maintain. Using good quality products enhances the services that we are rendering; the local council’s website is particular when it comes to these types of facts. We are really only a quick phone call away.