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carpet cleaning W1JEva Cleaners is not just a professional and reliable cleaning company, but is also the right company for you to choose. We will undertake any W1J cleaning of any size, area of type, so there is definitely something on offer to suit you. Our team specially tailor makes each cleaning package for every one of our clients so that our cleans are convenient and beneficial to you. Our team will undertake any commercial, domestic or upholstery clean for you and can perform a high quality and effective cleaning of your property as often as you would like.

Mayfair, Piccadilly and the Royal Academy of Arts are all situated in the City of Westminster. Mayfair is a well known area consisting mainly of commercial properties, real estate businesses and offices. The area was once a more residential area and possessed more houses and apartments before being turned in to a commercial estate, where most of the apartments and residential properties were turned in to offices and work spaces. There are still some residential properties in the area but not as many as before and there are also many shops, luxury hotels and high class restaurants in the area too. Parts of Mayfair were destroyed during the Second World War as a result of the Blitz in 1940; the oldest cottage in Mayfair was one of the main buildings to be destroyed by the Blitz. Mayfair is home to some of London`s most exclusive and attractive shops, clubs, restaurants and hotels. One of Mayfair`s most high class and exclusive shopping areas is Burlington House, which was first opened in 1819.

Piccadilly can be found to the north of Mayfair and is one of London`s most famous and popular streets. There are many great, exciting places to be found in Piccadilly, such as many great shops, hotels, restaurants and more. Piccadilly is the location of where many well known associations and businesses are situated. A few places that you may have heard of which happen to be set in Piccadilly are : The Royal Academy, The Ritz Hotel, Fortnum & Mason, the RAF Club, Hatchard`s book store, Waterstone`s book store and the embassies of Malta and Japan. The street was originally named Portugal Street up until the 17th century. Nowadays, Piccadilly is one of London`s most famous and exclusive shopping streets, but there are not just shops here, there are also some very luxurious and expensive commercial and residential properties, as well as hotels and restaurants.
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Also located in Piccadilly is the Royal Academy of Arts which is situated inside of Burlington House.  The Royal Academy was founded in 1768 by King George II and has been a popular place of interest over the years. The academy educates its students and visitors through visual aids, art, exhibitions and debates. Since the opening of the original Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, many students have enrolled in the Royal Academy Schools over the years.

Don`t waste any more time when you too could enjoy the benefits that come with hiring a professional cleaning team to manage your W1J cleanings. Why wait any longer when you could easily just pick up the phone today and call 020 3409 1608 and have our team give your commercial or domestic environment a thorough and effective clean. After you have made the right decision of hiring Eva Cleaners for your W1J clean, you will need to provide us with access to your home or office so that we can do what we are best at - making the dirt go away.

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