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carpet cleaning ChiswickNo, we aren`t interior designers who will come and turn your entire flat around. Nor are we some sort of expensive consulting firm offering life coaching. We are simply London`s best cleaning company, and if you don`t think that hiring a professional cleaning service can change your life, think again. Having someone else do the cleaning for you will not only free up a lot of time for you to do other, more pleasant things, but it will also give you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of and you aren`t the one worrying about it. In today`s busy London, that`s a valuable commodity!.

What do we mean by everything? Well, take a look around the room you`re sitting in - we can take care of the floor, the curtains, the wood or upholstered furniture, even the carpets. But we can also take care of all the other rooms in your home - the bathrooms, the kitchen, the bedrooms, etc. Why not give yourself a break this week and see what a professional cleaning service can do for your home - or office - by ringing us on 020 3409 1608. You`ve got nothing to lose by calling for a free quote and giving us a try, but you may find that you have everything, especially free time, to gain.

Chiswick is a West London suburb in the borough of Hounslow. It is due west, 6 miles to be exact, of Charing Cross on one of the River Thames` meanders. It is also one of the London Plan`s 35 major centres, although in its past it was a small fishing and farming community. Whilst 6 miles probably doesn`t sound like a great distance to travel today, it was far enough with a horse and buggy for Chiswick t be a retreat destination for those living in Central London. It was well connected to the city and experienced growth as London grew and people moved to the suburbs during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
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Chiswick dates back to before the year 1000, but though it retains some of its historical feel, has become a fully modern district today. One of the best places to visit to get a sense of Chiswick history is Chiswick House, which was completed in 1729. The grounds surrounding it are also lovely for walking or a day out. As a major centre of the London Plan, one could expect that Chiswick would have all the modern amenities common to any district. Most of them can be found on the Chiswick High Road. It is also a great place if you are a fan of Rugby, as there is more than one local team. The Acton Green Common and Chiswick Common form the northern boundary, with Chiswick Park and Turnham Green stations on either side. But the Chiswick House Grounds are the main green space in this district, and certainly worthy of a visit. Duke`s Meadow, to the south along the river, is another asset of the area.

If you are looking for a change in terms of how well you can clean your home or how much free time you have on the weekends, then all you need to do is pick up the phone and ring us on 020 3409 1608
. Of affordable rates and fantastic customer service will have you quickly convinced that there`s no reason to spend another Saturday morning with a mop and a bucket. Eva Cleaners is the name to remember for all your cleaning needs, whether one-off services like tenancy cleaning or a more regular appointment.

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