Many people will agree that they cringe at the mention of the word cleaning as it always conjures up visions of numerous tedious hours of dusting, vacuuming and washing. Numerous individuals will admit to wishing that they could snap their fingers or wave a magic wand and have their home instantly cleaned. Eva Cleaners do not unfortunately have any special powers, but we do have the best SW4 cleaning services on this planet; what’s more all you need to do is call 020 3409 1608 to get in touch with us. Once we have finalized the task on hand it may seem that we used some or other sort of magic as every inch of your home will be sparkling clean and fresh. In fact it might even be a case of our efficient teams achieving what may have been deemed an impossible task, as we take pride in all we do; challenges are part of what drives us to excellence.

Clapham and parts of Stockwell make up the Clapham district which forms the postcode area SW4. Clapham itself is comprised of Clapham Town and Clapham Common which is a huge 220 acres of “green space”. There are 3 ponds on the common that are overlooked by Victorian and Georgian Mansions; another aspect that the area is noted for is the historic “old village” charm that it has. The village or Abbeville is an upper class district that lies between the Common and Clapham itself. There are numerous smaller shopping parades within the area that are made up of independent restaurants and shops but the area is mainly a residential district. The bonus for residents in the area is the fact that transports links to London and other parts of the UK from Clapham is very well served. With four major music festivals being held on the Common during the year including the “Picnic rocks” festival that is held in aid of Action Against Hunger. Additionally during Easter and in February George Irvin’s Funfair also pays a visit to the Common. The neighbouring Stockwell district was once one of the poorest neighbourhoods in London; but this SW4 postcode area has started to be noted as an up and coming area as a result of its proximity to Clapham as well as the excellent transport links. Stockwell is often referred to as Little Portugal as it has a large community of Lisbon and Madeira born residents; as well as West African and Caribbean immigrants. This interesting combination makes it a colourful community with many traditional Portuguese shops, markets and restaurants. If one had to compare these two areas that make up the postal area they are almost opposites of one another however each offers their own unique qualities that make them noted as interesting tourist destinations.

Striving to be the best Sw4 cleaning agency is what makes our cleaners confident in reaching the desired goals. In turn we provide them with the latest equipment available on the market and ensure that they are all competently trained in the correct use of these machines. Eva Cleaners have a reputation of being able to adequately meet each individual clients’ needs; we are able to do this through our specific techniques and methods that we incorporate into our schedules. Furthermore, we work on flexible schedules and times in order to be able to accommodate the vast amount of varied clientele that we encounter. There is no limit to what our Sw4 cleaners can achieve and the amount of experience that they bring with them. Calling 020 3409 1608 will be the only magic act that is required of you as one of our elite clients. The last thing you should have to do in your spare time is clean a mess. Instead, you should have a look at the local council’s website to find out where the nearest spa or salon is to you and book yourself a much needed treatment while we get down to the dirty work.