When doing any SW5 end of tenancy cleaning, we at Eva Cleaners understand that time is of the essence and therefore there is no need to book our services in advance; simply call 020 3409 1608 and our team will come out within a short period of time. We are the industry leaders when it comes to this type of cleaning that many other companies may not want to take on. When our teams leave we pride ourselves in the fact that your property will be ready for immediate occupancy by new tenants. In an often rent flooded market offering a immaculately clean property for rent will certainly give any landlord the upper hand and ensure that potential tenants will be fighting over who gets the property. We will clean every nook and cranny of the property, including wash carpets, ovens etc to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the finished result. All of our teams are highly skilled at what they do and therefore we know that all our clients will get only the best attention possible.

Earl’s Court district falls in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; it is the postcode area SW5 and centres on Earl’s Court Road. It is mostly known for the area that houses the Earls Court Exhibition Centre - the largest indoor arena in the UK. This arena is often used as a concert venue as well. It was at one stage a rural area, with rolling green fields and orchids. It has an interesting history of ownership that is well worth investigating. This became a very densely populated suburb consisting of 1,200 homes as well as two churches. Following WW2, several Polish immigrants settled in the area and it earned the nickname of the “Polish Corridor”. Then in the late 1900’s large amounts of New Zealand and Australian immigrants took up residence in the area and then it was often called Kangaroo Valley. There is a significant economic difference between East and West areas of Earl’s Court making for a vastly different populace. One extremely notable point of reference for this SW5 postcode area though is the fact that Princess of Wales, Diana lived in an apartment situated on Old Brompton Road. This was her home up until the evening prior to the official engagement to Prince Charles was announced. Nowadays, the area offers visitors gorgeous privately owned gardens and squares that are open to the public once a year. Due to the exhibition centre there are several exhibitions that take place annually including the “Cloud World Forum” which showcases new technology from around Europe. Besides this, there is the Finborough Theatre that offers award winning plays. Other than this there are several shopping centres, leisure activities, restaurants, pubs and other interesting attractions. Most residents will agree that their suburb has an abundance of sights and entertainment that are well worth taking time to visit.

Teams are furthermore always supervised to ensure that our clients’ details are carried out to the full. Calling 020 3409 1608 will not only get you the best end of tenancy cleaning company, it will also open a door to a lasting relationship between you and Eva Cleaners as we will always put each and every client and their uniquely specific requests first. Flexibility in our hours also means that even those last minute requests can be seen to; advisably landlords would greatly benefit by hiring our cleaning services SW5 on a regular basis, especially if they own more than one rental property. Landlords have a commitment to their community and thus they need to constantly make sure that their properties adhere to area requirements. If one thinks about it logically keeping any property in an immaculate condition not only reflects on the surrounding neighbours but also increases the overall value of the neighbourhood. It is therefore safe to say that companies such as ours can assist you in adding value to your home. For more information on the services offered in the area, as well as to find out more about events and actives, you can look at the council website.